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  • ​Five courses in the hottest topics in Islamic Finance today equip you to become a valued expert 
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  • Prerequisite: No prior knowledge required
  • ​Fintech and Islamic Fintech
  • ​Blockchain and Islamic Applications
  • ​Crypto-Assets and Shariah Considerations
  • ​Islamic InvestTech
  • ​Neobanking, SaaS, Alternative Finance, Insuretech
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Why Islamic Fintech?
Did you know that Islamic Fintech transaction volume within OIC countries to be $49 billion? While this represents 0.7% of global Fintech transaction volume, Islamic Fintechs are projected to grow to $128 billion by 2025 at 21% CAGR. This is a higher growth projection compared to conventional Fintechs projected at 15% CAGR for the same period. (source Global Islamic Fintech Report 2020)

The Digital Skills Gap is Widening Fast !
Access to talent is another core for Islamic Digital Economy growth and an Islamic Financial Institution’s success. As an Islamic Fintech professional your skills will be in high demand.

The coming years are promising for highly skilled Islamic bankers who are creative and know how to deliver distinctive and innovative products using the next-gen Technology. With Islamic financial products and services becoming increasingly commoditized, banks strive to add value to clients and differentiate themselves from opponents by providing advice at both the strategic and product level.

Based on research conducted by Capgemini and LinkedIn, Over half (54%) of the organizations agreed that the digital talent gap is hampering their digital transformation programs and that their organization has lost competitive advantage because of a shortage of digital talent. 

77% of companies consider missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their Digital Transformation. 

Based on Global Islamic Fintech report, When asked from Islamic Finance Institution the greatest hurdle to grow the organization; the mentioned Capital, Digital talent and Consumer Education becoming a greater challenge as the top five challenge to growth.

Global Islamic Fintech Report 2021

The report from DinarStandard, Salaam Gateway's parent company, and UK-based Elipses, categorizes the services according to three broad buckets: Give and Protect, Save and Invest, and Finance.

Get your Diploma in Islamic Fintech!

The growing demand and limited supply of digital talent are placing immense pressure on Islamic Finance Institutions to scale up on their digital skills and hunt for the right talent. This diploma is specially designed to help you get the required knowledge and startup skills to get ready for the digital revolution.

Prepare for the revolution in Islamic finance by enrolling into Islamic Fintech diploma today!

A Complete Curriculum

Fintech and Islamic Fintech

  • What is Fintech?
  • History of Technology and Finance
  • Fintech Risks and Challenges
  • ​Development of Islamic Fintech
  • ​Applications of Islamic Fintech

Blockchain and Islamic Applications

  • What is Blockchain?
  • ​5 Key Concepts of Blockchain
  • ​What are the different types of Blockchain?
  • ​What are consensus algorithms?
  • ​Smart Contracts
  • ​Blockchain in Islamic Finance
  • ​Potential Blockchain Use Cases in Islamic Finance
  • ​Islamic Blockchain Case Studies

Crypto-Assets and Shariah Considerations

  • The World of Digital Currencies, Virtual Currencies, and E-Money
  • ​Introduction to Crypto-Assets
  • ​Crypto-Offerings
  • ​Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • ​Security Token Offerings
  • ​Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)
  • ​Risks and Challenges for Crypto-assets
  • ​Crypto-assets from an Islamic Finance perspective
  • ​Views of Contemporary Scholars
  • ​Shariah Screening of Crypto-Assets

Islamic InvestTech

  • Introduction to InvestTech
  • ​Shariah Compliant InvestTech
  • ​Introduction to Robo-Advisory
  • ​Shariah Review of Robo-Advisory
  • ​Crowdfunding
  • ​Shariah Review of Crowdfunding
  • ​Paytech
  • ​Shariah Considerations in PayTech
  • ​Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending
  • ​Shariah Review of Convertional P2P Lending
  • ​Shariah Compliant P2P Model

Neobanking, SaaS, Alternative Finance, Insuretech

  • Neobanking
  • ​Shariah Compliance of Neobanks
  • ​Case Studies
  • ​Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • ​Open Banking
  • ​Platform Banking
  • ​Alternative Financing
  • ​InsureTech
  • ​Takaful Tech
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